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I think that Preca Brummel is like a tree where family and tradition represent the base, the roots, while everything that emerges from the earth, that is, the tree with its nice trunk, the branches and the fruits, are what the company has succeeded in building in many years of work.

I like to imagine that around this tree there are children playing, a party full of energy, color and imagination. I see Preca Brummel this way, and in this way I can imagine people living it.

Giovanni Prevosti
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  • Bimbus
  • MCS
  • Gorjuss


  • Brums. Naturally style.

    Brums is one of the most famous and popular brands in the children's wear sector, as well as the pride of Preca Brummel production in Italy and abroad.

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  • Yesterday as today: a successful Story

    Born in 1974, Mek is one of the historic brand in Preca Brummel portfolio, defined by a unique style, strongly appealing to the consumers.

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  • Bimbus makes everybody free!

    Bimbus is one of the 3 brands that makes up the offer of Preca Brummel in the children's wear sector: a cheerful, colorful and lively brand, designed specifically for 0-14 years old children, who want to express themselves in total freedom.

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  • MCS: “rugged and refined” look for children

    MCS is an historic brand of men’s wear, starting from the Fall / Winter 2015/16 will have for the first time a children's collection, in the range from 6 months to 16 years.

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  • Gorjuss: simple style and images kindle powerful emotions

    Since its launch back in 2010, the Gorjuss brand has captivated 55 countries around the world and prominent department stores with over 3,000 items in the stationery and general apparel sectors.

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Brums Lovers: the new blogger mums project
Wed, 29/06/2016

Brums Lovers: the new blogger mums project

A digital and social channel with the blogger mums: it is the "Brums Lovers" project which starts with 6 influencer with the aim to expand in 2017.

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By focused and multiple-channel distribuition strategies, Preca Brummel can spread and increase the value of its brands in Italy and abroad.

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Preca Brummel is the Italian leader of children's wear 0- 16 age range. Born in 1951 in Carnago (VA), now it is all around the world.